About Us

Welcome to OSF,

I started this business for the love of the hobby and the enjoyment of speaking to others with the same respect.

I can still remember as a 10 year old kid going in my first gun store. My eyes lit up just as a kid in a candy shop for the first time and the owner spoke to me as if I was a regular Joe paying customer, not the 10 year old that I was. I visited often and became educated in the store products and with my dad I made my first purchase. I gained respect, understanding and had a lasting hobby. While as a kid my favorite gun was anything that could keep up with my insanely fast triggers fingers, which went much faster than my Dad's wallet. Since then my local gun store has long since closed and never thought I would ever be involved in anything other than my everyday corporate world job. Now I seem to find my biggest interest being the old war rifles that shaped the modern era. However every now and then I still get a case of the fast trigger fingers. We have been doing business now since 2009 and still going. I've had plenty of struggles but manage to prevail against the many obstacles. Feel free to contact us with any of your wants and needs. We are happy to help.

Store Hours Sun-Sat 10am-5pm  +904-806-6239